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Turkina Faso

Dazed projected statements onto Parliament about the state of the UK

For a new project titled #AddressTheNation, Dazed teamed up with New York activist group Illuminator

TextJack MillsPhotographyTurkina Faso

It’s been 27 years since we first went to print, and a decade or so influencing digital youth publishing. Last night, July 10, a first for Dazed: we published in the sky.

For a new project, #AddressTheNation, we took issues that matter most to our readers and projected them into the skyline of London — specifically, onto the Houses of Parliament, the Ministry of Justice, The Royal Courts of Justice, and Nelson’s Column. Across nine projections, we addressed everything from Theresa May’s crumbling Brexit plans to street-level abuse of trans people at London Pride

For the action, Dazed teamed up with a New York activist group called The Illuminator, who travel the world projecting messages onto high-visibility corporate buildings. (Most famously, they blasted “There is a rapist in the White House” onto the Trump International Hotel in Washington). Their slogan, “Shining a light on the urgent issues of our time”, sums up the aim. “We’ve done a great job of having a moment of intervention, but also involving the power of the audience,” observes The Illuminator’s Emily Andersen, who was interviewed in the current issue of Dazed as part of a feature on a darkly funny activist movement called Culture Jamming.

See photos of the action here, and stay tuned for more.