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Boris Johnson
Via Instagram (@borisjohnsonuk)

There’s a Twitter account posting passages of Boris Johnson’s awful book

Seventy-Two Virgins is as racist as it sounds

Next month, the UK will be holding yet another general election, but before we go to the polls, one Twitter account is reminding us that Boris Johnson is not just the leader of the hateful Tories, he’s also a dreadful writer.

@VirginsJohnson has unearthed extracts of the disgraced prime minister’s ‘comic’ political novel Seventy-Two Virgins, and as you can imagine, it’s as grossly racist as its title suggests. The book documents three and a half hours in Westminister, in which a terrorist group of suicide bombers, referred to as “Islamofascists”, target the US president as he gives a speech in Westminster Hall – that is, until the day is saved by Roger Barlow (Boris Johnson), a bicycling Tory MP, recognsied by his blonde, flowing hair and flapping coat-tails. 

Unsurprisingly, the book is racist, classist, and sexist, and @VirginsJohnson features some of its most disturbing passages. There’s references to “Islamic headcases” and “Islamic nutcases”; Arabs are described to have “hook noses” and “slanty eyes”; a boy is called “coffee-coloured”; and there are mentions of “pikeys” and people who are “half-caste”.

Women are described as having “lustrous eyes”, “long legs”, “good teeth and blonde hair” – there’s even “a mega-titted six-footer” – presumably because that’s all we’re good for.

It’s 336 pages of blind propaganda, and I can’t decide what’s worse: that he’s saying all of this, or that Johnson, a meglomaniac, genuinely thinks of himself as a saviour.

Depressingly, the extracts shown are not so different to the bullshit spouted by the Tory party today

Below, we’ve selected some of the book’s most shocking extracts.