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Brexit march
Photography Carys Huws

Over 230,000 people sign letter for second Brexit referendum in 48 hours

The letter follows the People’s Vote March on Saturday, where one million protesters took to the streets of London

The never-ending nightmare continues, as more than 225,000 people have signed a letter in the last 48 hours demanding a Final Say referendum on Brexit.

Organised by campaign group People’s Vote and British newspaper the Independent, the letter urges British and EU representatives to do all they can to allow the British public to confirm that a final Brexit deal put forward by Boris Johnson is actually the ‘will of the people’.

The support for the petition comes after over one million Brexit protestors took to the streets of London on Saturday, when Boris Johnson delivered his final plan to parliament. Fortunately, his plan to put the deal to the Commons was dispelled after parliament backed an amendment withholding approval, forcing Johnson to request another Brexit extension from Brussels. In short, Brexit is still a mess.

The Final Say letter will be delivered to Downing Street, the Houses of Parliament, the EU Parliament and the building in Brussels where the EU council meets, before the final Brexit deadline on October 31. Supporters of a fresh public vote include the likes of Green Party leader Caroline Lucas, and the Labour party’s Diane Abbott, John McDonnell, and Emily Thornberry – all of whom spoke at the Final Say rally on Saturday.

Meanwhile, we spoke to Leave, Remain, and no-voters on how they feel about the referendum vote three years on.

You can sign the Final Say letter here.