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Kim Kardashian visits DC prison with Dr Marc Howard
Kim Kardashian visits DC prison with Dr Marc Howardcourtesy of Twitter/@marcmhoward

Kim Kardashian is working on a documentary about prison reform

The show will see her visiting prison to learn more about the US justice system

Kim Kardashian has been vocal about prison reform for a while now – including putting her money where her mouth is by financing campaigns to free inmates – beginning with her involvement in the high-profile freeing of Alice Marie Johnson, which took her to the White House.

Of course, she’s also one of the most recognisable faces on TV, so the decision to make a show about prison reform was kind of inevitable. Kim Kardashian announced the documentary, which will be out on Oxygen, in a tweet yesterday.

The tweet followed images of Kardashian visiting a prison in DC, posing with inmates and Dr Marc Howard, a Georgetown professor who teaches in the prison and is the director of the Prisons and Justice Initiative.

“Last week I was so moved by Dr. Marc Howard,” she writes, adding: “I met so many amazing people that can’t wait to share their stories with you.”

Kim, along with Kanye West, has also been vocal in her support of A$AP Rocky, calling for him to be freed from Swedish custody, where he’s been held on suspicion (and now officially charged) of assault.