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Youth Climate Change protests
Protesters at a previous rally

Thousands of climate activists gather in London for the Time is Now march

Campaigners expect to meet their MPs outside Parliament to demand immediate climate action

Today, around 15,000 people are due to meet their MPs in a mass lobby outside UK Parliament to demand material action on the current climate crisis. Unless those in power do something soon, we are all certainly going to die in the very near future, as we point out with the help of a climate expert here.

Thankfully, a group of climate campaigners have organised today’s “mass lobby”, dubbed “The Time is Now” in Westminster, giving members of the public the chance to take their MP to task on what they’re actually doing to save the planet. Different areas of pavement outside Parliament will correspond to different constituencies to allow for face to face meetings between constituents and their parliamentary representatives.

The Climate Coalition, who organised the lobby alongside Greener UK, created a Facebook event for the march, which reads: “On June 26, thousands of us from every corner of Britain will take our message straight to Westminster. We will rally around Parliament, coming face to face with our MPs to tell them that The Time Is Now for action on climate change and the environment. It’ll all kick off at 1pm. We’ll snake round Westminster, organised town by town, village by village, and meet our MPs one-by-one to tell them that we want action!

Organisers of the action are also urging people to set an alarm for 2pm in a symbolic message to the government, that message being: wake the fuck up and do something about the impending doom of the human race. Are they listening? Well, our next prime minister is currently making models of busses from wooden crates, and the rest of Parliament is seemingly too coked up to care, so it’s hard to say at this point, really.

You can find out more about the science behind the current climate crisis here as we talk to climate expert Joeri Rogelj about the end of civilisation.