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Lord Buckethead

Lord Buckethead, the space warrior who ran against Theresa May, retires

We thank you for your service

In the 2017 general election, a creature not of this Earth ran for Parliament in Maidenhead, and she went on to keep her seat and stay on as Prime Minister. But that day she had to ward off stiff competition from another alien species – namely the intergalactic space warrior Lord Buckethead who has finally decided after 30 years of service to his adopted country to kick the bucket on his political career.

2017 wasn’t the first time that Lord Buckethead was beaten at the ballot by a being from another planet – in 1987 he ran in his adopted earthly constituency (Finchley) against Margaret Thatcher, who also went on to continue her horrific and destructive rule of the country. Buckethead ran again against John Major in 1992, but was beaten once more.

He then faded into a kind of celestial obscurity – floating listlessly between this dimension and the next – until 25 years later, he intercepted distressing Earth transmissions “describing not only a lack of effective opposition in your country, but also an absurd decision to call a completely unnecessary General Election.”

Buckethead’s 249 votes in his ill-fated run against Theresa May catapulted him to international fame – images of what was essentially a man dressed in full-body leather bondage standing next to the Prime Minister in a Maidenhead community leisure centre went astronomically viral – he demanded the attention of the world media, even landing bookings on US talk shows.

2019 spells the end of the the alien “from hyperspace via Finchley and Huntingdon” however as he finally hangs up his cape and helmet: “I'm sure Theresa would agree with me that this isn't the beginning of the end, but surely just the end of the beginning,” he said in a recent interview with CBC Radio.

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