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Extinction Rebellion naked protest
via Extinction Rebellion

Naked climate action protesters disrupt parliament Brexit debate

Extinction Rebellion activists glued their body parts to glass windows in an effort to confront climate change neglect

Environmental activists stripped off in the House of Commons viewing galleries yesterday (April 2), gluing their hands and bums to the glass windows as politicians debated Brexit.

11 activists, from the Extinction Rebellion group, got almost naked to protest the inaction by lawmakers on climate change. Their bodies were painted with phrases ‘eco collapse’ and ‘climate justice act now’. Two protesters wore elephant masks and grey body paint, while the others pointed at ‘the elephant in the room’ – that elephant being the lack of action to combat environmental crisis.

MPs in the Commons were attempting to find resolution, following the third rejection of prime minister Theresa May’s plan for leaving the EU. Specifically, the debate centred on the Wilson-Kyle amendment, which proposes a confirmatory public referendum on the Brexit referendum.

24-year-old protester and wildlife biologist Iggy Fox said: “I’m tired of the time and resources our government wastes rearranging the deckchairs on the Brexitanic. I want a future, and right now they are burning it like there’s no tomorrow. Wildlife populations are crashing, Manchester was on fire in February, and air pollution and heatwaves are killing thousands in this country every year.

“It’s high time politicians stop beating around the bush and tackle the environmental crisis head on, like they should have done years ago. I won’t stop causing disruption until the government does its duty to protect the people from disaster.”

Protesters were physically removed by police after 30 minutes. Authorities had to use soap and water to remove activists glued to the gallery windows. All 12 protesters were reportedly arrested for ‘outraging public decency’.

The action comes two weeks before Extinction Rebellion’s call for an ‘International Rebellion’, beginning on Monday 15 April. The group intend to shut down central London for days on end to draw attention to the climate crisis.

The activist group previously organised a demonstration that drew thousands to shut down five of central London’s busiest bridges for ‘Rebellion Day’. Over 100 “conscientious protectors” were arrested in the name of climate change activism.

Extinction Rebellion is demanding the government reversing environmentally damaging policies, works with the media to raise climate awareness, bring in policy that reduces carbon emissions and consumption levels, and implements a national Citizens’ Assembly to oversee such changes.