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Photography Gage Skidmore

Trump’s new transphobic policy has caused suicide hotline calls to rise

His laws impact real lives

If you were, somehow, still unconvinced of why its important that transgender people are given the right to legally self-identify, it has been revealed that calls to a trans suicide hotline have quadrupled since Trump’s recent policy was unveiled.

Trans Lifeline, a trans-led organisation that offers crisis support, told Teen Vogue that the recent proposal to legally erase transgender identities was already having an impact.

“At Trans Lifeline, we are able see in real time that policy debates don’t take place in a vacuum – they have direct and immediate impacts on real lives,” said Sam Ames, the executive director of Trans Lifeline. Ames also confirmed that as well as a sharp increase in calls, the amount of new users has also doubled.

Last week, we reported that the Trump administration was announcing a policy change that would mean your gender would be decided by your genitalia at birth and unchangeable thereafter. The New York Times received a memo that outlined the changes that the Department of Health and Human Services are proposing. It read: “The sex listed on a person’s birth certificate, as originally issued, shall constitute definitive proof of a person’s sex unless rebutted by reliable genetic evidence.”

Studies have recently confirmed that something as simple as being called by a chosen name can improve the mental health of trans people. However, this new regressive policy represents a severe knock back after progress made during the Obama era for America’s LGBT+ people, and seeks to further dehumanise a minority community.

But, here’s your daily reminder that the government work for you, and you can make your voice heard on these issues. Read here to see what you can do to help improve trans lives from wherever you are.