Kim Kardashian is fighting to release another prisoner

Keeping up with advocacy

As Kanye announces his run for president, Kim Kardashian is acting like she’s already FLOTUS, taking her campaign to reform America’s prison system even further. The reality star is now “fighting” on behalf of Chris Young who is currently serving a life sentence for drug possession.

On Wednesday she appeared on the “Wrongful Conviction” podcast, and revealed that she “talks to the White House often”. In May, Kim Kardashian met with President Trump after months of behind-the-scenes lobbying to secure the release of Alice Marie Johnson, 62, in Alabama. A month later she was released after 21 years inside.

She wishes to do the same for 30-year-old Chris, who was imprisoned for possession of marijuana and less than half a gram of cocaine. “It's scary when you have a minor drug charge, but then you get life and you're stuck in this crazy maximum security prison with murderers,” she said. “He was saying ‘I can stay out of trouble in here (the medical facility), but going in prison there's stabbings, there's this and if you're near that you can get in trouble so easily’”.

He has also suffered with his sickle cell anaemia meaning he’s undergone "a few surgeries" and has spent part of his time in prison in a medical facility. On the podcast she revealed she is now working with the judge that sentenced him, Kevin Sharp, who immediately resigned afterwards. “It was a mandatory sentence that he had to deliver and he knew it was so wrong,” she said. “He was like, ‘I'm going to make this right, I'm going to step down and I'm going to help to fight to get him out.’”

The news follows a Power 92 radio interview with Chicago’s DJ Pharris, in which Kanye announced a possible presidential run in 2024. “If I decide to do it, it will be done, I’m not going to try,” Kanye said announcing he’d start a political party named ‘The Birthday Party’.