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A school shooting survivor just burned Donald Trump in a brilliant speech

Emma Gonzalez's speech at an anti-gun rally took no prisoners

A survivor of the school shooting which took the lives of 17 students and staff members, has spoken out in a now-viral speech against Donald Trump, the NRA and the power of her teenage peers.

Emma Gonzalez is a senior at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School and took the stand at a local anti-gun rally in a display of strength that few could muster but that many have congratulated.

In her speech she hammered home the point that “if all our government and President can do is send thoughts and prayers, then it's time for victims to be the change that we need to see”, and called bullshit on the idea that teens are “trend-obsessed” and “self-involved”.

She spoke for teenagers all over the US: “We certainly do not understand why it should be harder to make plans with friends on weekends than to buy an automatic or semi-automatic weapon.”

Her condemnation of Trump was particularly scathing: “If the President wants to come up to me and tell me to my face that it was a terrible tragedy and how it should never have happened and maintain telling us how nothing is going to be done about it, I'm going to happily ask him how much money he received from the National Rifle Association. You want to know something? It doesn't matter, because I already know. Thirty million dollars.”

But Emma's overriding message was one of hope. She wants her peers to be the “kids you read about in textbooks” but not as mass shooting statistics, but because “we are going to change the law”. She is part of what now seems to be a mass movement of young people who are fed up with the apathy and ulterior motives of the state when it comes to forcing through changes in gun laws.

Celebrities such as Zendaya, Demi Lovato and Shonda Rhimes have spoken out on social media in support of Emma's words.