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Victoria Zeoli

The 20-year-old freelance photographer completes her intense '365 Project' as we talk to her about Terry Richardson, favourite models and advice for budding photographers

At only 20, Victoria Zeoli from Orlando, Florida has spent much of her life devoted to her passion for fashion. Now set to move to New York, she spends her time travelllng and taking pictures. Her style can be predominantly sexy and colourful, but at times is dark and mysterious, whilst her personal style is all over the place. She completed an intense 365 project which you can see on her Flickr

Dazed Digital: How did you 365 project come together? What were the challenges of shooting that?
Victoria Zeoli:
It was just something I had seen and decided to try myself. It was challenging to keep up with it everyday, sometimes you just really don't want to photograph yourself. Especially after a day of shooting something else.

DD: Whats some of the best feedback you've gotten from your work?
Victoria Zeoli:
I recieve a lot of positive feedback, which is incredibely encouraging and helpful. I guess the best is always when a really amazing fashion photographer sends me a compliment. It excites me.

DD: Out of all the photos we've picked, which one do you like the best?
Victoria Zeoli:
The photo of the chipmunk is meaningful because I was vacationing in Vermont. Cell phones didn't work, there was no television. It was the most disconnected I've ever felt but it felt so good to not have any distractions. The nature there is so calm and peaceful.

DD: What are some repetitive themes you like to utilize in your photos?
Victoria Zeoli:
I don't really repeat themes, unless you count darkness as a whole. I like to shoot things with a little bit of a dark twist sometimes. I think that's kind of my signiature.

DD: What was your latest project and what are you working on next?
Victoria Zeoli:
I just shot in an abandoned school, a few fashion shoots. It was fun.

DD: If you could photograph any person/place/thing in the world, what would you choose?
Victoria Zeoli:
I would photograph Jaco Van Den Hoven, I just think he's a perfect model. I really love his look.

DD: What was the first photo you ever took?/Earliest memory of one?
Victoria Zeoli:
When I first started shooting I used a pinhole. The first photo I remember is of my friend in motion in a forest.

DD: What inspires your work?
Victoria Zeoli:
The simplest things inspire me, an idea, a lyric, a location, I keep my eyes and mind open. Inspiration is everywhere if you don't try to look for it.

DD: Who are your favourite photographers?
Victoria Zeoli: Terry Richardson is my favorite photographer, I love his almost candid style.

DD: Do you prefer shooting still life or portraitures? What do you find appeals you most about either?
Victoria Zeoli: I prefer portraiture, it appeals more to me to be able to interact with a human and capture candid emotions.

DD: How do you choose your subjects?
Victoria Zeoli: It depends, every idea I have I usually want a specific looking person, it's always different. I appreciate unique qualities.

DD: Do you have any words of advice for fellow photographers?
Victoria Zeoli: Keep shooting, never get discouraged, if this is what you really want then you're going to have to work for it!