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Silvia Bergomi

The Italian stylist documents her life with daily pictures of stunning imagery and intimate moments

With her distinctively Italian style and unique eye for beautiful arrangements, stylist and photographer Silvia Bergomi produces stunning images of her life on a daily basis. Born in Southern Italy in Reggio Emilia before moving to Milan, she specialises in shooting portraits and still life influenced by the people and places around her, taking in casual details as they strike her. Bergomi also spends her spare time running her blog at Plastic Choko besides freelance styling and helping at Dead Meat.

Dazed Digital: Where are you from and where are you based?
Silvia Bergomi: I am from Italy, from Reggio Emilia to be precise. I live in Milan.

DD: What was the first photo you ever took?/ Earliest memory of one?
Silvia Bergomi: In Venice, to some mysterious canals... I was there with my family.

DD: What cameras do you use?
Silvia Bergomi: Polaroid SX70, Contax T2, Yashika T4.

DD: Do you prefer digital or analogue? Why?
Silvia Bergomi: Of course analogue. I do love that plus that only film can give you.

DD: What inspires your photos?
Silvia Bergomi: Memories, people, food, behaviours, nature, music, film, fashion, science, culture, trashy icons!

DD: Who are your favourite photographers?
Silvia Bergomi: William Eggleston and Guy Bourdin at first, speaking of milestones. Emanuele Fontanesi and Matteo Montanari between the fresh ones. But I could continue!

DD: Your photos are often quite fashion-orientated, do you see yourself as a fashion photographer?
Silvia Bergomi: I see myself as a stylist with a strong aesthetic sense. My pictures are a kind of diary of my life. In it, I extend also my style ideas. 

DD: What's next in your projects?
Silvia Bergomi: Styling, styling, travels, styling.