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In Almost Every Picture #9

Erik Kessels' latest work catalogues a couple's disastrous attempts to photograph their black dog

In Almost Every Picture #9 is the latest in the series of found photography by Erik Kessels and follows one couple’s attempts to photograph their pet dog with a camera that manages to make a desert in July look like a winter’s day. The pictures remind us of a time before digital cameras and Photoshop, when photography was hit and miss and you never know what would come out in the darkroom. The photos are currently on display at KK Outlet in Hoxton. Gallery Manager Danielle Pender explains why the work is so beautiful to her, despite its falings.

Dazed Digital: The gallery has always featured an eclectic selection of work, what is behind the selection process?
Danielle Pender:
Myself and Erik Kessels are constantly on the look out for interesting work from new and existing artists. We meet every 6 months and go through what has caught our eye, from this long list we decide on who to approach. Occasionally we're approached to host an event or exhibition, Photographer James Mollison recently had a book launch and exhibition at the gallery which was a brilliant project. We don't have a set of rules or aesthetics which we adhere to and I like that. It gives us the freedom to do different things each month and work with a wide range of artists/designers/photographers/illustrators.

DD: Even though the shots fail to capture the pet dog, the results being unpredictable make it all the more intriguing, do you think this is what digital photography lacks?
Danielle Pender: 
Yes I think that digital photography is great for certain things but we're all too eager to delete mistakes and present an edited/perfect version of life. One of our publications, Useful Photography #9, catalogues the images from photography manuals which explain how to take a "good" photograph. Some the disastrous mistakes are actually really beautiful and we should acknowledge this.

DD: The work is meant to show how if you are true to yourself, you can achieve anything - what does the gallery hope to bring in the future
Danielle Pender
: We have some great shows coming up, we're working with Trevor Jackson on a brilliant show for March and we're really excited to be showcasing a very exclusive project with AMOS, taking place in April. We're also working on bigger projects which will take place outside of the gallery but that's all top secret at the minute.

DD: Lastly, do the family ever manage to get a good photo of the dog?
Danielle Pender:
You'll have to come to the show to find out!

In Almost Every Picture #9 opens at KK Outlet, 42 Hoxton Square, 3 February.