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Emli Bendixen

As these photos show, even a grey car ride on the M1 just after Christmas can produce beautiful images

Dane Emli Bendixen is a London-based reportage and portrait photographer with an eye for atmospheric landscape images. As these pictures show, even a grey and foggy post-Christmas day on a British highway have soul. Of course, it's very much down to who is holding the camera, and in this instance it was Bendixen, a freelancer for, among others, Guardian, Vice and Wonderland. Dazed picked up on the photo series for its beautiful interpretation of such a mundane event as a car ride on the M1, and fired over a few questions to Bendixen...

Dazed Digital: What were you doing on the M1? Where had you been and going where?
Emli Bendixen:
I was driving back from Christmas in East Yorkshire, heading home to London with my girlfriend and our dog.

DD: What made you pull out your camera?
Emli Bendixen:
I like shooting from moving vehicles. Last year I did a series of images from taxis through Kerala in India... I think being in a moving vehicle forces you to think less about why you're shooting while still leaving you just enough time for composition...

DD: Do you ever leave the house without one?
Emli Bendixen:
I do. I used to bring my camera with me everywhere I went but these days my work is a bit more considered and I take most snaps on my phone...

DD: It was a quite foggy and eerie day - does that help your photography?
Emli Bendixen:
I think so. Fog and winter daylight gives everything a slightly Lynch-ian feel. Lighting is one of the most important elements in photography and light is of course hugely weather dependent, and a significant aspect of this series of images.

DD: Is landscape a quite appealing subject?
Emli Bendixen:
It is. Although most of my work is portraiture, I like working with winter landscapes that really lend themselves to interpretation.

DD: How would you describe your photography?
Emli Bendixen:
Aesthetically considered, subtle.

DD: What do you shoot when not cruising down the M1?
Emli Bendixen:
Portraiture and reportage.

DD: You're Korean/Danish. Have you lived in both countries? Compare them? How have they influenced you and your work in different ways?
Emli Bendixen:
I was three months when I came to Denmark so can't say I remember anything from Korea but there are definitely similarities between South East Asian and Scandinavian designs and outlook. British, as well as Danish culture, have influenced me and continue to do so.