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Carlos Arroyo Galaxia

The Spanish photographer discusses his obsession with bedrooms, new project 'I Wish You Were Me' and why his dream photo is of "Kate Moss watching TV with my parents in their pyjamas"

Carlos Arroyo Galaxia is a Spanish-born photographer who captures a variety of subjects and scenes on 35mm film. His latest project, 'I Wish You Were Me' addresses the space of others, both happy and melancholy and including interior shots, portraits and landscape work. His work has been featured in international group exhibitions and has appeared in the publication, Waterfall. Dazed sat him down for a chat...

Dazed Digital: What first inspired you to become a photographer? 
Carlos Arroyo Galaxia: When I was a kid, my Dad used to buy a nice magazine every Sunday and most of the images from the articles and editorials in each issue were such an inspiration to me. Also, my Mom has always been obsessed with making very inspiring family photo albums. Since then I started to take pictures but I never though about becoming a photographer. 

DD: You grew up in Spain, how did this influence your photography? What country do you prefer to photograph in?
Carlos Arroyo Galaxia: Yes, I grew up in Spain and when I stared taking photos I was attracted to photographing the opposite of a Spanish aesthetic, but now what I prefer is the result of combining images coming from different countries, including Spain, that have the same essence and opposite origin. 

DD: How do you choose your subjects?
Carlos Arroyo Galaxia: The subjects always choose me. 

DD: Do you take inspiration from specific people, places or artists? 
Carlos Arroyo Galaxia: I like to make portraits of people that I have a strong connection with. I also like to take portraits of random and absurd still life images and landscapes that I feel a weird energy from. As my personal way of working, I try to have no reference from other photographers so that my mind can’t get much contamination. 

DD: What is the concept behind the ‘I wish you were me’ project? 
Carlos Arroyo Galaxia: That concept came from a period of crisis I had recently where I wanted to punish everybody that was focused and happy around me. I was always complaining saying, “I wish you were me”. Of course in a funny way! Then I decided to stop complaining and refresh my website. 

DD: The image of the bedroom is a reoccurring location in your photography – why is this? What does it mean for you? 
Carlos Arroyo Galaxia: Beds are my favorite place to hang out in and I like to shoot people in an intimate situation so I think that is the perfect place to take a portrait. For me, the best way to find honesty and pure features in people is to lay down in bed with them. 

DD: What is your favorite camera or format to use? 
Carlos Arroyo Galaxia: My favorite cameras to use are the compact ones. I have always used 35mm film. The more limited options my camera has the hardest it is for me to take a good photo; it makes the process more interesting. 

DD: If you could photograph anyone or anything who or what would it be? 
Carlos Arroyo Galaxia: I would definitely shoot Kate Moss watching TV with my parents in their pyjamas, or I would love to make the photo album of a gypsy Romanian wedding!  

DD: Any new projects you are working on? 
Carlos Arroyo Galaxia: Now I am taking photos of road graves and teenagers from the countryside.