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Photographer Katarina Sopčić

The Munich-based photographer captures spontaneous cinematic moments and creates her own reality

Serbian-born, Munich-based photographer Katarina Sopčić takes beautiful pictures, creating an intimate diary of her life. Currently completing her Masters in Communication Design in Florence and commuting between Italy and Munich, Katarina took time out of her busy schedule to chat with Dazed about her life and her practice.

Dazed Digital: So what got you interested in photography initially?
Katarina Sopčić:
I’ve been taking photos and making collages and scrapbooks since I was a kid, but I guess you could say I started taking it seriously a couple of years ago. All I want to do now is take photos of the people I love or the things I find beautiful, plain and simple.
DD: What was your upbringing like?
Katarina Sopčić: I grew up in a small town in Serbia named Valjevo. It’s very suburban and traditional – a very boring place. As soon as I got out of high school I moved to Belgrade, capitol of Serbia, to study Italian Literature. But after a while it didn’t make much sense to study Italian language and culture and not to live there, so I moved to Florence.

DD: What is it about a scene or situation that calls out to be photographed?

Katarina Sopčić: My photography is about people and emotions, and if there is a bit of tension as well, it will make my day. I also have a big interest in documentary work. I love to tell a story in my photos and I can spend a long time just imagining the set-up and people in a photo.

DD: Who are your subjects?  
Katarina Sopčić: I always photograph people who are part of my life - my boyfriend, my friends and sometimes strangers. Taking portraits of other people is probably a search for my own identity. Some are more interesting than others, but sharing the same time on this planet together makes everyone special.

DD: Do you pose your subjects or do you prefer spontaneous pictures?

Katarina Sopčić: Most of my photography is very spontaneous. I like it to be relaxed and unpretentious and usually I sit and wait for that candid moment. It’s like a diary for me, but it’s also a way to change reality.

DD: Why do you mainly take black and white pictures?

Katarina Sopčić: I find that you need a different vision for black and white photography compared to color photography. I have a growing appreciation for monochromatic images – the tones, textures and shapes. I love the beauty and depth particularly in black and white images. It also adds something very mystical to negate the existence of colors.

DD: Are there themes running through your photography?
Katarina Sopčić: My subjects are often alone, and facing away from the camera and people tell me it’s very melancholic and almost sad. I’m very much influenced by cinema and I look at my photos as cinematic moments taken out of context. I guess you could say my work is evolving around solitude, relationships and fleeting time.
DD: If you could photograph anyone, who would it be?

Katarina Sopčić: I’m glad you asked that. I would love to be able to work with Martin Margiela/ I think he is a genius in what he does, and I haven’t seen any pictures of him anywhere. Have you?
DD: What inspires you in life and in your photography?

Katarina Sopčić: There are so many photographers who inspire me and who I admire. I think we are affected by everything we see. I am very much influenced by Italian Neorealism, French New Wave and classical Hollywood cinema, both in my work and in life.

DD: Do you have any exhibitions or new projects coming up?

Katarina Sopčić: Right now I’m very busy with post-grad studies, but there are a few things in the works that I post about on my website soon!