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Chanel window on a ferry from Quentin The Teenager
Chanel window on a ferry from Quentin The Teenagers

The Zen of Photoblogging

Quentin from the Teenagers, Sta, and James Mountford share some of their images.

Quentin The Teenagers
Quentin is one of the Parisian indie-electro trio The Teenagers. Currently on tour, Quentin regularly shoots the ‘Healthy Youth’ and ‘Fresh Pussies’ from all over the world making his blog ’Totally Awesome!’

What/who: Chanel window on a ferry.
Where/when: On my way to Dour and Melt festivals, July '08.
Why/how: OTT window + low budget way of travelling = Love.

What/who: Russian dolls.
Where/when: St Petersberg, July '08.
Why/how: Poisonous beauties. You could tell they were trouble. Or crazy.

What/who: Michael (from The Teenagers) smoking.
Where/when: Barcelona, July '08.
Why/how: It's still legal to smoke in clubs there so it was like heaven. For him.

Currently traveling around the world Sta just can’t stop snapping. His blog documents his life and the people from it. A mix of random strangers and friends, girls and boys acting freaky, dirty faces and messy spaces. It is all happening in London, in Warsaw, in Tokyo and everywhere else...

What/who: Construction and hand of the stranger....
Where/when: Russian Bar, Kingsland Road, May '08.
Why/how: I don't really remember...

What/who: One of the performances with Bartek Kraciuk, my best friend.
Where/when: 5th Berlin Biennial, When Things Cast No Shadow, Berlin, March '08.
Why/how: This is exactly what was happening at the 5BB this year. All I can remember from the opening was mess and disorder.

What/who: Two unknown girls.
Where/when: Old Street tube station, London, 2007.
Why/how: No clue. I was drunk and I found it was a good composition.

I Heart Krackney
James Mountford has been shooting editorials for i-D, Tank, Rodeo, Art Review, Wound, O magazine, Korean Harpers, Korean Homme +, Androgyny, and many more. The blog is all about showing his favorite pictures, just because he wants to show them again. James also shares rough ideas, unfinished shoots, and pictures that were never used.

What/who: Backstage.
Where/when: Paris.
Why/how: Light/dark.

What/who: Andrej Skok.
Where/when: Andrej's rooftop in Krackney, my new favourite place to shoot. I so wish it was mine...
Why/how: I love that he diddn't want to be photographed and I love the one frame that he did.

What/who: Marta.
Where/when: A freezing spring day on a boat on the river, 2006.
Why/how: The sun was amazing...