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Land of a Thousand Dances, Horses

Photographer Carlotta Manaigo who has contributed to Dazed is exhibiting in Milan with a series of photographs observing nature in her own way.

Carlotta Manaigo who has been building up her fashion photography portfolio has escaped momentarily to observing and photographing nature for a new exhibition 'Land of A Thousand Dances Horses, Horses, Horses, Horses' that opens at the Le Stanza di Dimore in Milan at the end the end of the month. Manaigo here talks a little about the exhibition and how she has developed her particular style of photography.

"This exhibition takes form from the observation of the silent, more hidden side of things, from an irresistible fascination with nature and its forces which cast mysteries and spells. The light, soft and sensual, enfolds the fragile boundary between attraction and fear... what is familiar and the unknown come together to create irrational landscapes, atmospheres of languid fragility and astonishment.

I've grown up in the Italian countryside and by the sea. I would sit for hours staring at the glimmering of the waves or at birds flying above my head. I experienced great solitude but also great empathy, therefore my interest in capturing moments of truth and profound intimacy. I like to find myself alone in front of nature, letting go of my emotions to a certain feeling of the sublime. It’s disorienting yet inspiring when such beauty is revealed.."
'Land of A Thousand Dances Horses, Horses, Horses, Horses' by Carlotta Manaigo at Le Stanza di Dimore, Via Solferino 11, Milan opening October 28