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Flickr Showcase: Harry Bloom

Using often muted landscapes and bleak imagery, Bloom spots breathtaking moments in nature and quietude

Using friends as subjects whilst embarking on spontaneous trips to accidentally discover photography ideas, Harry Bloom takes beautifully tranquil pictures of anything that catches his eye from the mist on mountains to a lake by the roadside. Avoiding garish or upfront images, his work seems quietly pensive without necessarily portraying a sadness, instead inspiring a subtle gleam of hope.

Dazed Digital: What's your background as a photographer?

Harry Bloom: I've always loved art so having a camera put in my hand at 16 was almost inevitable. It feels like an extension of my memory, or rather that's what I'd like it to be. I initially took photos to capture my youth, I've always felt this obsession to remember how everything looks and feels, it seems so important not to forget. At the end of the day I think I'm still approaching photography in the same way I did back then I've just clarified what I want to capture and how I want to do it. Essentially it's a self indulgent hobby but I guess in some ways it's that way for everyone.

DD: How do you find the locations for your outdoor shots? What do you look for?
Harry Bloom: I'm big on traveling and it's definitely a source of inspiration for me. Being in one place for too long gets stale and I find throwing yourself out into the wild a completely liberating and hugely refreshing experience. Most of the places in my photos have been found by complete chance. Every trip's a mapless adventure and half the fun is trying to find somewhere to explore. I don't think I'm looking for anything in particular, things seem to jump out at me in the moment, the light may suddenly be perfect or the changing weather may transform the atmosphere of the moment. The unpredicability definitely makes any photo I get at the end of it more rewarding.

DD: What equipment/film do you use? Why these preferences?
Harry Bloom: I'm currently using a Minolta XD5, I've become pretty attached to it but I couldn't say I've mastered it. At the moment it's lens is slowly falling apart and it's in need of a good service. I've also got a Kiev 6C, which, although being built like a tank and being real temperamental, I always feel I under use. I also recently picked up an Olympus XA2, for parties and the like, purely because it's so handy.
Film wise I'm a big fan of Portra NC, although I hardly ever get to use it as I don't have the money. I mainly shoot Kodak Colour Plus (as it's free when i get a roll developed) and I actually really like it, the colours are gently saturated (not too garish) and you can pull out some really nice earthy tones. I've also had a massive box of expired Reala and NPC that I've been working through for far too long and I can honestly say I won't be using them again. ever. Hopefully when I get some money I can branch out a bit, there's a lot of stuff I still haven't used and would like to try.

DD: Are you inspired by any particular films? Art? Literature?
Harry Bloom: Impressionism, books like 'Norwegian Wood' by Haruki Murakami, 'The Time Traveler's Wife' by Audrey Niffennegger and films such as 'Dead Man', 'Midnight Cowboy', 'The Goonies' and 'Stand by Me' all fill me with this intangible emotion and it's something i'd love to be able to capture in a photo. I think that's how they push me on, inspire me, it's a need to replicate that feeling.

DD: What about other photographers?
Harry Bloom: I'm a huge fan of Margret Durow, her work's completely original in a time when a lot of photos are just being regurgitated. Most of the stuff around flickr has become locked into some nameless genre, it's all pretty stale, but she's constantly breaking away from that which is dying or dead. Her photos have this ethereal, timeless quality to them. It's like she's pulling some melancholy memory out of my depths of my subconscious and managing to make it into a photo. It's surreal and massively inspiring.

DD: Where would you most like to shoot next?
Harry Bloom: I'm not fussed about the location as long as i have friends and experiences to shoot. They're what make the photo.