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Nadav Kander

High expectations for Isreali-born photographer documenting President Obama's cabinet

On word getting out that The New York Times had approached Israeli-born photographer Nadav Kander to document President Obama’s entire cabinet in recognition of the inauguration, anticipation ran high. Kander’s keen-eye for subtle beauty and bold colours seemed the perfect match for the weighty responsibility of documenting the leaders of the free world. The shots don’t disappoint. ‘I wanted them to be uplifting, but, I also wanted them to have a historical context in thirty, forty years, which is when I’m hoping they’ll be most interesting’ Nadav told us. ‘I was really trying to make accurate portraits of these people; accurate and uplifting portraits. What’s been most interesting for me is how differently people view them, that’s what it’s really about, making people react in some way’. ‘Obama’s People’ at Flowers Gallery, London, also displays a previously unseen photograph of the man himself.

15th September until 10th October.
Images © Nadav Kander. Obama’s People courtesy of Flowers Gallery / The New York Times.