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With an eye for style and a nose for a good party, Spanish photographer slash DJ Gerard Estadella has gone from break-through blogger to guest list glamorama.

Gerard Estadella likes to party. Hardcore. Having outgrown his first posting board a couple of years back the Barcelona native decided to acquire a fully fledged URL to host the growing wealth of shots he found himself snapping at friend’s parties and club nights across Europe on his travels as a DJ.

“Whenever I felt lazy for not posting on the blog for a week I'd just update with photos and no text,’ he explains “It was much easier and in a way nicer than using words so I decided to go down that road and just update with photos. After really getting into it I decided that the amount of pics I was posting didn’t really suit a  blog. So that's when began.”

As is usually the case, the hobby morphed into the modus operandi and Estadella’s passion for documenting his evening escapades became the end in itself - since launching the site he’s gone on to build a fanbase of almost 3000 friends on Facebook and his tweets are ready by a growing army of style hungry followers.

These days though Estadella regularly finds himself invited to hang out behind the velvet ropes with the likes of Peaches, Beth Ditto and various coming-up-and-upcoming music makers and style shakers at club nights and catwalk events around the world. Oh, and he’s snapped Paris Hilton if you’re into that kind of thing.

“Back when I started the website I used to go ghetto and sneak in to all these parties,” he says with a mischievous grin. “But these days I’m usually invited, mostly because someone wants me to shoot the event or sometimes because I’m the +1 of someone else. It used to be awkward when I started to show up at a venue with my camera. Bouncers wouldn’t get it and be really weird about someone taking photos at a party. Nowadays there's more photographers than bartenders in night clubs.”

Estadella’s regular photo updates have caught the attention of fashion editors from Korea to New York, with Vogue, GQ and Nylon all vying for a piece of the party pics pie. But it’s not just the AAA passes and famous friends that elevate Estadella’s photography above the myriad of sites loaded with gritty scene-snaps by latter-day Bob Coacello wannabes (who, incidentally, Estadella lists as an influence, alongside Demarchelier and Leibovitz). It’s his ability to blend into the action while he’s crowd-surfing through the carnage and cocktails, clicking as he goes.

“Being at these events and doing what I do is all about fitting in,” he explains. “More than being a photographer at a party, if you want to get shots of the best people around you have to be a guest of the party that just happens to have a camera.”

Estadella’s seemingly casual mix of fashion and action is in fact the result of a consciously watchful gaze, always on the look out for that one fleeting moment when the essential elements (“Good music. Good Crowd. Good Venue.”) blend together in haphazard and unexpected harmony.

“Getting the good shots is all about details,” he muses. “Sometimes the things happening at a party are more interesting than the people. You need to capture those things that only last for a couple of seconds that nobody would be know had happened if you hadn’t got it on camera. Right now I'm just shooting events I want to go and I want to take photos of. I guess it’s possible that the site might become like a portrait of a generation. Or maybe it’s just a bunch of stupid photos of parties. Who knows.”