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Dreaming Til The Sun Goes Down

New York-based photographer Fumi Nagasaka presents her new photo book which captures two models and a musician by day and night.

In the summer of 2008, photographer Fumi Nagasaka decided that she wanted to capture the youth and vitality of three specific subjects for a personal documentary project that has resulted in a published book "Dreaming Til The Sun Goes Down".

In Berlin she hung out with friend Paul Boche, 21, a model who has appeared in many fashion shows and editorials. Rather than approaching him as a model, Fumi took to the city with Paul to experience the dark atmosphere of Berlin's underground, capturing the realities of his daily life.

The next boy Fumi visited was Christoffer Fagerli. Christoffer contacted Fumi and asked her to listen to his songs he’d written and so she was intrigued to know about his home life. Therefore, Fumi decided to visit him at his home in Ålesund, a small town in a beautiful fjord northwest of Oslo. She tried to reveal a different side to Fagerli by photographing him in his natural habitat.

Finally, Fumi focused her lens onto 18-year-old Londoner Alfie Meadows. Fumi had always admired Alfie’s strong sense of style and ability to everyday objects into something beautiful. Fumi captures Alfie and his brothers expressing themselves in the intimate setting of their family home in White City, West London, letting Fumi in on their processes.

Fumi is exhibiting images from her book at the exhibition "Dreaming Till the Sun Goes Down" at the projectROOM at LC Art Gallery, HOF96, Torstrasse 96, 10119 Berlin until July 8.