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NoodledCourtesy of the artists

Beauty and nature collide in a bid to save our oceans

A top hairstylist, art director, fashion photographer and beach photographer come together for a good cause

Beauty and nature collide in a distinctive new photography book, entitled Noodled, as collaborators, hair stylist James Pecis, art director Kimberley Norcott, and photographers Paul Wetherell photographer Ben Budgen, pair black and white portraiture with wave photography.

In their own words, Noodled aims to explore “the delicate parallels between the many forms created by nature and the similar shapes and movements created by hair”.

However, the cause goes deeper than simple aesthetics – 2,000 self-published limited edition books will donate all proceeds to Mission Blue, an alliance fighting to protect our oceans and whose projects include designating legal open ocean national parks and working with smaller organisations also helping to preserve sea life.

Pre-order Noodled here