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Girls! Girls! Girls! Vol 3 – ONE TIME USE ONLY, DON'T REPOST
Masked Blonde© Bob Carlos Clarke

Peep some of the world’s sexiest photos

Work from Bob Carlos Clarke, Mike Figgis, Corinne Day, Roxanne Lowit, and more, come together in a photographic celebration of pure female sexuality

Celebrating female sexuality with an overt display of the body, some of the most provocative images by the world's most renowned photographers will go on display at a new London exhibition titled Girls! Girls! Girls! Visitors can expect surreal sepia nudes of the female form by Alan Aldridge, Kate Moss in a seductive series of photo-booth-esque photos, and Alistair Taylor-Young's ethereal and dreamy vision. Elements of fetish can also be viewed at the show with work from Bob Carlos Clarke, the late prolific image-maker who was hailed as “Britain’s answer to Helmut Newton”.

The lineup of photographers whose work will be featured is rather impressive; including photographers such as Corinne Day, Bruno Bisang, Mike Figgis and Patrick Lichfield – all names with great cultural relevance. After all, famed photographer Roxanne Lowit was one of the first to venture behind the scenes of fashion week, creating a cultural change in the industry by fixating the fashion gaze to the exclusivity of the backstage area. Including one of the founders of the Pier 54 studio, Marco Glavioni is a featured photographer who has created one of the most important studios for photography in New York.

Girls! Girls! Girls! Vol 3 is at The Little Black Gallery, 13A Park Walk, Chelsea, London SW10 0AJ from 20 October – 3 December