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Dafy Hagai’s Golden Showers
Photography Dafy Hagai

This Israeli photographer does not care for cute

Dafy Hagai goes behind closed doors and shower curtains to embrace awkwardness for her new zine ‘Golden Showers’

Travelling between Tel Aviv and New York city, Dafy Hagai is back in London promoting her new zine, Golden Showers, published by Perimeter Books.

Rich oranges, yellows and reds make the collection of photographs more distinct, as it follows on from the  Sunset, Summer and  Tennis Court’s, but goes far beyond by depicting women owning their dirt, quirk and awkwardness.  Hagai’s new zine marks her evolutionary work, explaining that her past work was based on, “locations,” and “memories from growing up,” in Israel.

The humorously named Golden Showers zine is reminiscent of Hagai’s past Tumblr blog, and is an ode to the raw purity of girls. She captures the prime essence of the female aura through the unapologetic girls in her new zine; who shave their heads and wear salmon bras under mesh tank tops.

This is her most personal work to date, it’s a rebirth of her photographs from three years ago, speaking to Dazed, Hagai said that she has, “grown to feel comfortable being awkward.” Adding, “it’s about the option to express yourself without the need to be ‘perfect’ or ‘cute’.”

Hagai will be launching Golden Showers during Offprint London at the Tate Modern this Sunday with a signing at Perimeter Books’ table