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Maya Fuhr
Alexandra MarzellaCourtesy Maya Fuhr

Capturing New York’s most exciting young creatives

From Tavi Gevinson to Petra Collins, Maya Fuhr’s portraits show off the city’s new, spirited visionaries

“The reason why I take so many photos of artists is because I find myself allured by their overall spirit,” explains photographer Maya Fuhr. “I'm less interested in planning shoots, and more about having fun and letting the work find me.” 

And that it does. From Alexandra Marzella and Chloe Wise, to Tavi Gevinson and Petra Collins – Fuhr has built up a pretty impressive social circle. Turning the lens on her friends, the Canadian photographer has captured some of the most influential and exciting new creatives out there – making her work read more like a ‘who’s who’ guide than a simple portfolio. “The art scene in New York and Toronto is pretty cool, so it's easy to capture portraits when I'm bored or having an ADD moment at a party,” Fuhr explains, modestly. “I don't make a conscious choice to focus on popularity or trends as much as it is a byproduct of my vision and how I see my surroundings.”

That visionary culture has not been lost on Fuhr, either. Aside from the portraits, the photographer – who specialises in soft, stripped-back snaps – has dabbled in both art and publishing: collaborating with artist Nicole Dagenais, and creating her own feminist zine, Like Honey. “I've always found myself naturally drawn to subjects that have a strong presence, which obviously manifests itself in my recent body of work,” she says. “It could be as simple as the colour of someone's eye shadow or shape of their shoes. I focus on what inspires me, and what colours and details or nuances I'm drawn to on a subject.”

“Ultimately the viewer is seeing the world through my eyes... I'm lucky to be within proximity of beautiful, creative people that constantly inspire me.”