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Tripping through the bucket list

Gritty motels, vandalised cars and geometric architecture – photographer Yves Suter explores the world's most obscure corners

“The world is a colorful place to live and move in, and it's all available out there – you just need to go and find it,” muses photographer Yves Suter. Born in Switzerland, educated in Hamburg and with a host of fascinating countries ticked off his bucket list, such a statement is fitting for a man who spends so much time voyaging and absorbing different cultures. His latest collection titled ‘Motoracer’ documents these journeys, exploring the bizarre, obscure world that Suter lives in.

The series, a collection of photographs that initially seem random, were taken throughout his career and fashioned into a photo book as a chronicle of Suter’s experiences. Objects and situations that would be overlooked by the average person are intriguing to him, resulting in a raw, unedited aesthetic – a shower of broken glass and blood at a bus stop, the corner of a dingy motel room, and a motorbike concealed under a dirty old tablecloth appear, a heavy contrast to scenic images of lakes, mountains and woodland. “There are lots of details in the pictures, which aren’t obvious to see at first,” he says. “Things people usually don't see and seem obscure to me, they just attract me.”

The result is a scrapbook of memories that steps back from the growing digital world and embraces traditional photography. “A print, or a book stays forever,” Suter says. “I really dig the work process and finding the right form to show your work. That is what I tried to do with the ‘Motoracer’; to create an interesting book including 3 prints you can take out and hang on your wall; some sort of a hybrid between an art book and an exhibition.”

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