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Britain! Join #dazedontour on Instagram

Tag your photos and join us as we take a picture of our great and sceptered isle

Pack your bags! We’re taking Dazed on tour across the UK for the next five weeks in the run up to the General Election – and you’re all invited. Our virtual campaign trail is set: through the Dazed Instagram we’re hitting north, south, east, west and every isle inbetween on our zig-zagging route across this green and pleasant land. And we need you to take us there.

We want to see the most beautiful, brutal and inspiring vistas, landmarks and sights the UK has to offer. Show us your streets, your venues, your hide outs – your local heroes and your local anti-heroes. Share snaps from your road trip, coach trip, and last weekend’s bar crawl. Tag your Instagram photography taken wherever you are (or have been) in England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland with #dazedontour plus hashtag where they were taken, and we’ll share the best along our route twice a week. It'll be the ultimate Brit trip! Minus fuel costs, tail backs, regrettable breakfasts at motorway service stations, of course. 

Here’s our route – when are we hitting your home town?

Tue 7 April: South West
Thu 9 April: South East
Tue 14 April: East Midlands and West Midlands
Thu 16 April: Wales
Tue 21 April: North West
Thu 23 April: Northern Ireland
Tue 28 April: Scotland
Thu 30 April: North East, Yorkshire and the Humber
Tue 5 May: East of England
Thu 7 May: London

To inspire you we hit up photographer and Dazed contributor Amy Gwatkin. Gwatkin’s Instagram feed is a heartwarming tour of Britain's highs and lows. Bright market tat shot alongside sunshine on moody seas, with an eye for the decay and resilience that make the British the glorious weirdos we are. A wry patriotism, executed with equal parts humour, sarcasm and love. The gallery below spans coast to coast, as Gwatkin shares shots from recent trips to Birmingham, Glasgow and Kent – plus her Walthamstow home. Tap through, and tag your own Instagram shots of the UK with #dazedontour plus #where they were taken.

Where is ‘home’?

Amy Gwatkin: On my phone, it’s still my mum’s number! More recently, it’s become Walthamstow and Leyton.

The most beautiful spot in Britain?

Amy Gwatkin: The beach in Shellness on the Isle of Sheppey is made entirely of shells and is like being on the moon.

The most brutal spot in Britain?

Amy Gwatkin: Walking past my old studio in Dalston and seeing it turn into an ever-decreasing pile of rubble felt pretty brutal.

There’s a dry, knowing humour to your photographs and Instagram that feels very British. What do you look for when walking through these places with your camera?

Amy Gwatkin: It’s the funny things that catch your eye; the main reason I take photographs of things on the street is because they’re absurd or make me laugh.

Why do you think it’s important to show this very real side of Britain?

Amy Gwatkin: I don’t know how important it is, but I’m sure people will recognise bits of it in their own experience of living in the UK. I find it very interesting how people express themselves through the way they decorate their porches, or write angry notes to other dog walkers. 

Your British road trip essentials?

Amy Gwatkin: A phone charger.

Where will you go next?

Amy Gwatkin: Jaywick in Essex, hopefully to Scotland this summer.

We’re taking a tour of Britain – where should we:

Sleep? In a tent.

Drink? Wetherspoons.

Cry? On your own.

Laugh? At other people, at a discreet distance.

Dance? At weddings.

Eat? Anywhere but the bus, please.