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Lina Scheynius
Photography by Lina Scheynius

What happens in the Swedish woods?

Photographer Lina Scheynius takes an intimate vacation, and brings us along with her

“I think I might naturally be quite shy and secretive,” admits Swedish model-turned-photographer and Dazed favourite Lina Scheynius.“That's the way I was brought up in Sweden, so doing the images I do is a way to challenge myself.” Taking to photography as a means to quell her boredom, Scheynius’s images encapsulate a dreamy element of intimacy in them, with her new book being no different. Entitled 07, her seventh book features an enchanting new medley of homely snaps, monochrome stills and honest nudes. Shot while spending eight weeks in the Swedish woods with her boyfriend, 07 is filled with Scheynius’s familiar trademarks; dashes of voyeurism, smatters of florals and a good dosage of candid crotch snapshots.

A leap away from the heavy filtered images of today, the photographer’s pictures are inviting – a set of casual observations that feel raw and fresh. Her woodland vacation provides an organic sensitivity – towering trees are diluted with delicate spots of lilacs and natural sprigs of colour add a natural palette to Scheynius’s signature fleshy tones. And with work so intimate how does she choose what to show and what to keep for her eyes only? “Some pictures that I would never have imagined showing a few years ago I feel fine showing now.” Scheynius says. “It's just a gut feeling. It should feel scary, but it should also make sense somehow to me.”

07 is available now, click here for more information