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#DazedAndExposed of May

Showcasing the four May winners of our #dazedandexposed Instagrams of the week

Every Thursday on the @dazedmagazine Instagram we reveal our #dazedandexposed picks of the week, handpicking photography (and accidental camera phone brilliance) that we love, discovering creatives from around the world. Last month we went into the backyards of Melbourne, got trippy with Mexican disco shrines and found naked boys down the back of sofas. Read the stories behind our favourites here, and click through to their Instagrams for more. 

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"This photo is one of many from an ongoing collaboration with fellow artist (and great friend) Honey Long. Our work is an exploration and celebration of being a female today. In much of my work I set out to dramatize themes of female poise and strength by placing the female form in the natural environment. This picture is a classic Australian scene featuring the iconic ‘Hills Hoist’ clothes line in the rickety back yard of a typical ‘quarter acre block’ suburban home. The casual and immediate nature of Instagram provides an important avenue for my artistic expression. It’s also motivating not to be burdened by over intellectualisation of my work. I am 20 years old and currently living in Melbourne, Australia while in the final year of a BA of photography at RMIT University."


"I took this photo outside of a 'Pulqueria' (a place that serves 'Pulque', a traditional Mexican drink made of agave). I chose to take the picture because Mexico is a very religious place – in the streets you can find a lot of little altars with the virgen de guadalupe, many people call her the mother of the Mexicans. But many religious fanatics express their religion in different ways, for example putting a discoball on the top of the altar. I loved the colours and the expression of suffering of the doll. That was very funny to me because it made me think of a girl who looks like she's having a very bad time at a big party.
I'm a protographer and postproducer based and raised in Mexico City. I really like Instagram, for me it is one of the most powerfull tools to share my visual diary or something that happened to me with friends and colleagues."


"I took this picture on my 30th birthday. When I woke up I saw a rainbow on the floor in the room I was sleeping in; it was the best start to the day. I didn't have my camera on me so I shot it with my phone, first just the rainbow, than I started playing with it. I'm from Warsaw, Poland and I'm a photographer and visual artist. I'm addicted to taking photos; simple, everyday snapshots – lights, objects, parts of architecture – and instagram is great for that. My Instagram grew with me. First it was far more personal, it was a story of a broken heart I guess, then it became a diary in images, my notes of the reality surrounding me. Now it is a platform to share images that I take and like."


"This photo was taken in early spring at a friend's beach house on the Oregon Coast. It was a stormy weekend, so we were indoors mostly, and the place had this sweet 70s aesthetic that I was really psyched to photograph. I brought lots of film and was feeling inspired, so the last night we were there I talked my friend Nathaniel into an impromptu shoot. It was super fun and we got some really weird shots. I love how surrealist this one turned out! I think I was standing on my tip toes on the coffee table so I could get the best angle of Nathaniel being eaten alive by the couch. I work at a boutique in Portland, Frances May, and the image kind of illustrates how the rainy month feels here!"