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#DazedAndExposed of March

Showcasing the four March winners of our #dazedandexposed Instagrams of the week

Every Thursday on the @dazedmagazine Instagram we reveal our #dazedandexposed Instagram of the week, discovering photographers and creatives from around the world. This March we showcased Instagramers as far flung as the haunting corridors of Tokyo subways to empty Icelandic highways and frozen lakes in Chicago. Read the stories behind our favourites here. Hit follow, appreciate. 

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“I had spent the week navigating Tokyo’s tangle of a subway system and chanced upon this deserted exit during rush hour. Such tunnels, void of people, are scarce, and they provide momentary relief from the hustle of the underground stations and the bustle of the city above. The urban landscapes I photograph are rarely beautiful, but are rich in symmetry and artificial light. I try to give them new life by exploiting these characteristics. I also photograph scenes from nature that can be seen as beautiful in and of themselves. I post the photos side by side to see if I can create a harmony between the two.”


“I’ve been going to the beaches along Lake Michigan for a very long time now. Luckily Chicago and the surrounding areas have a lot of beaches where I’ve spent my time taking photos and reflecting. This photo was taken a few minutes north of the city; it’s one of my favourite places to chill because I rarely see anybody else there. I wasn’t planning on shooting that day because it was really cold out but somehow I ended up on the beach with my iPhone. As far as style goes I try not to limit myself to any particular style. I like to explore and capture what I see, no matter what the subject is.”


“This was taken during a road trip in Iceland. I love adventures so Iceland has always been a dream place for me to go to, to chase the northern lights, climb the volcano, hike the glacier and simply seeing nature at its best. It was my first time visiting and one of the most eye opening and spectacular experience. It was about going into the wild and being free and limitless. Growing up in Hong Kong and studying in London, I’m very used to busy city sights but in Iceland I am literally waking up to fresh air and snow mountains, its unreal.”


“I’m grateful to live relatively close to Laguna Beach, California, where this photo was taken. I grew up going to this beach and fell in love with its geology at an early age. Lately I have gotten back into using a lot of film, and I happened to bring my old Olympus Pen loaded with some expired Ilford Delta 400 on a recent trip. It was impossible to ignore how the arch in the photograph framed the beach like it did, so I took the picture.”