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"Gerard in London", 2002

Lina Scheynius launches an intimate new book this week

Crotch selfies and post-coital candids abound in the Swedish photographer's latest release

This week Swedish model-turned-photographer and longtime Dazed favourite, Lina Scheynius launches her sixth book, 06 at London's Arcane Gallery (available on her website from next week). This latest self-published series from the Swedish photographer, all taken from 2001-2006, offers a striking portrait of a relationship – the intimacy of a tender kiss escalating to post-coital candids with the flick of a page. The raw, unabashed nature of the shots evokes Scheynius' previous work in her ongoing diary-doc of snapshots not to mention the recent nudes of Jean-Michel Basquiat from former lover Paige Powell. Speaking about the inspiration for 06 Scheynius said, "I got the idea from looking through a drawer at home and finding loads of images that I had never published before for different reasons – one being that most of them are super intimate. But I thought they needed to be published now." 

06 launches this Friday at London's Arcane Gallery, the second launch will take place in Zurich at Christopher Guye Gallerie on April 9.