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Ping Pong
Ping: From the series "Ping Pong LA"Lottermann & Fuentes

Fancy a game of photographic ping pong?

Lottermann and Fuentes get playful in a game of You've Got Mail meets Tumblr

Next week BOLD LA will play host to Galerie fuer Moderne Fotografie's Ping Pong, a new exhibition centring around the playful to-and-fro between photographers. The brainchild of photographic duo Lottermann and Fuentes, Ping Pong is essentially a game of 'mail art' where the pair sent one of their own shots to a photographer they admired with a request to respond with their own, new or old. The result was a series of 13 quick-fire responses to the duo's work with friends and strangers creating a unique visual dialogue where the juxtaposed pings and pongs build up a narrative.

Ping Pong runs from March 24–28 at BOLD LA.