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Oliver Eglin

The morning after the night before

Photographer Oliver Eglin captures Berlin's Berghain clubbers in the cold light of day

For many of Berlin's techno house cavalry Berghain isn't just a club it's a way of life. When Oliver Eglin moved from London to Berlin he became fascinated with the infamous venue, its sprawling interior often spilling well over it's 1500 capacity threshold despite its fierce reputation for exclusivity. Friday night raves bleed into Saturday afternoons with many re-emerging after a 12 hour stint on the dancefloor, but the strict no camera policy kept Berghain's secrets preserved behind its high walls. In this new series Eglin shot the club's world weary patrons as they spilled onto the sidewalk on a Sunday morning, speaking about the photos he said, "I tried to catch them in the transitional stage between the fantasy of Berghain and the blandness of the real world".