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The Balkans
Ina Niehoff

The utopian world of the Balkans

Join German photographer Ina Niehoff on a pleasure cruise through the weird and wonderful

German photographer and teacher at the Bauhaus University, Ina Niehoff centres her work around everyday phenomena, nature and human reactions to life, landscape and space. Since graduating in 2012 from Bauhaus, Niehoff has been honing her photography whilst teaching and working on exhibitions and commissions in Germany, London and Copenhagen. Last year Niehoff left Germany and travelled to the Balkans to revisit old road trip haunts from summers gone by, still fascinated by the "weird architecture" and "utopian world" of former Yugoslavia. Speaking of her Balkans series she said, "Nothing makes me happier than capturing the traces we leave – our landscapes. I am captivated to see the world that we build up."