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Help Salem's Heather and John publish this photo book

Exclusive images from the bandmates' earthy new self-publishing project

JUICE + ICE is the collaborative photo project of John Holland and Heather Pineda, two-thirds of Michigan-based screwgaze trio Salem. Growing up together in Michigan, John and Heather have always shot photos, and have compiled a series of shots from the last seven years for JUICE + ICE. Taken from various adventures home and away, the images have a restless, often erratic vibe, softened by a hazy lens. You can pledge to help John and Heather publish the book by reaching their target goal of $7,000 on Kickstarter. We spoke to them to find out more about how their pairing works and the stories behind the series.

Dazed Digital: How did you get into photography?

Heather Pineda: I took a photography class in junior high and then transferred to Interlochen Arts Academy (high school) where Photography was my major.  That was in the days of processing and printing everything by hand and it was really a mystical process. 

John Holland: I studied photography in High School and College and have always felt the need to hold on to things I see and experience.

DD: How does a photography duo work? Does one person shoot and the other edit?

Heather Pineda: We both shoot all the time. Sometimes we'll shoot the same thing without realising it. 

John Holland: We've always spent a lot of time together, and taking pictures while doing so is like second nature to us. 

DD: From the sounds of your Kickstarter page, nature is one of your biggest photographic interests...

Heather Pineda: We photograph what we are close to, and for me it's nature. I am also really interested in interiors, just what other people's houses look like. If you photograph an interior and look at it later it's like being at the person's house when they aren't home. John makes these amazing arrangements in his room that he has literally hundreds of photos of. He's basically creating installations, documenting them, deconstructing them and creating new ones. 

John Holland: A lot of time nature or the environment we are in can feel human and have as much emotion and story as a photo of a person or people. But people can feel like a landscape too, like fire or water or the sky.

DD: Why the title Juice + Ice?

John Holland: I used to dream of giant pitchers full of shining ice. It's what we've always wanted to call our book of photos whenever we would talk about it.

DD: Where were these photos mainly shot and over what period of time?

John Holland: The photos were taken between 2007 and now. Many of the images were made around where we live in Michigan but also from our travels and being on tour.  

DD: Which photo has the most interesting story for you?

Heather Pineda: There is a photo I took of a dog sticking its head out of a hole it chewed in a wooden fence.  I always think about that dog because it lives around the corner from us. He wanted to see what was going on outside the fence.

John Holland: There is a photo of Heather under water in a pool that she jumped in right after playing with a bunch of turkeys and chickens and watching cars being destroyed for extra parts on this person's farm.

With under a fortnight to go, you can pledge for JUICE + ICE and help Heather and John reach their goal here