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Derrick "Mullet Chad" Nau

Angela Boatwright's Favourite Shots

The New York-based photographer talks through some of her favourite shots that she has taken and the stories behind them.

NY based photographer Angela Boatwright draws inspiration from various people, such as legendary photographer Glen Friedman - whose work was highly influential on Angela’s early career- and ageing rocker Ozzy Osbourne, who’s 1986 track Killer Of Giants shares the same name as Angela’s art show curating company. Throw metal bands like Def Leppard into the mix and it’s easy to see why Angela’s unadulterated images, drenched in vests, guitar-picks and ‘final-encore’ sweat, have graced music and fashion magazines the world over Angela picked some of her favourite shots from her career and talked about how the images came about.   

JR is a bit of a muse for me. She's young and hot in a ‘real-deal, no bullshit’ way. She's a pile of fun and totally out of control. She'll do anything. This particular shoot was for Vice magazine. I wanted to put together a shoot based on my total and complete adoration of glam-metal and dirty rock n roll. It occurred to me that the most rock n roll dudes I know of are my friends Dustin and Brayden, who also happen to be professional skateboarders. I threw the dudes into the mix with a hand-picked selection of hot-as-fuck chicks and the entire story just took off and grew into a life of its own.

This is Dustin. He lives in Australia, but comes to New York about once a year. I totally adore him. He's absolutely out of his mind, but never ceases to amaze me with his loyalty and friendship. We met at my 31st birthday party here in New York. That night, I got so drunk and out of my mind, I basically peed all over the floor of the bar, twice… on purpose. Dustin said that this was the moment he knew we'd be friends, forever. This photo was taken the following year on Canal Street in Manhattan. I remember that his jeans were too baggy, so we had to trade pants on the roof. We went and had cucumber margaritas at El Portal after this. Oh and I suppose it's worth mentioning I don't drink any more.

This is Derrick "Mullet Chad" Nau, a drummer for a band called Skeletonwtich and a small town motherfucker. I've know him on and off for about 5 years. His friends call him "Mullet Chad" because he used to sport the most un-manageable, non-ironic mullet when he was younger and when his friend Nate first met him, he forgot his name and just called him ‘Chad’.  He still has an old ID showcasing the mullet and it's fucking hysterical. This shot was taken backstage in New Orleans right after Skeletonwitch finished playing. I don't remember taking this photo, but this image perfectly sums up his personality, to me. He's a sweetheart and a super great dude. It's hard for me to put into words, but seeing this photo always makes me happy.