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Visions of Resistance #1: Hikmet Guler

Saluting #occupyturkey with a series of pictures by photographers at the centre of the uprising

Inspired by the protestor's spirit and shocked at the police violence in Istanbul, under the tag "Visions Of Resistance", Dazed will showcase photographers on the ground in Gezi Park, and their pictures of the troubles. Take a look at Hikmet Guler's shots below, and see the rest of the series here

My name's Hikmet Guler and I'm 26 years old. I work as a director at '74MOTION (a sub-brand of ISTANBUL'74), a video production house and audio-visual design company based in Istanbul, Turkey. I've been into photography and filming since high school and been shooting personal and commercial works since back then. I was in the office when my friends told me people had started protesting at Gezi Park. I didn't take it very seriously at first. Then the police started throwing tear gas on the crowd gathered for a peaceful demonstration in the park. People were sleeping when they got teargas bombed and their tents were burnt down. Really messed up… I couldn't remain silent. I had this instant urge to document. My photographs focus on the unity of people from various social groups (nationality, religion, race, gender, sexual orientation, etc.) and occupations and how they react against the unreasonable use of force by the police. I want to create awareness to all communities that the people should unite for the sake of their future and stand up for their rights. The man in the V mask behind the barrier against the police. How do I envisage the unrest ending? I would say the PM should better start with an apology to the people…