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Visions of Resistance #2: Kartal Ulubag

One photography student's dreamlike shots from the dreadful centre of Turkey's uprising

Inspired by the protestor's spirit and shocked at the police violence in Istanbul, under the tag "Visions Of Resistance", Dazed will showcase photographers on the ground in Gezi Park, and their pictures of the troubles. Take a look at Kartal Ulubag's shots below, and see the rest of the series here

My name is Kartal Ulubag and I am studying Photography and Video at Bahcesehir University in Istanbul. I was always fascinated by the idea of taking and capturing a moment and putting them into a two dimensional surface - the idea seemed incredible. We were aware of the peaceful protest in the park but did not expect that kind of reaction from the police. They beat and tear gassed protesters in the park. People could not accept this brutality and rose up over it. I was shocked to see police attacking people without mercy as well and to hear the unfortunate comments made by the Prime Minister and Government - as a photographer I had to photograph this. The government are taking away the rights of its people bit by bit and we have been suppressed by the government for a long time. People simply could not take anymore of this. I think it should be taken as a whole story but photos of 'the young man with the Guy Fawkes mask' who is throwing back the gas canisters to police in front of a fire has my vote. This uprising has united many ethnicities and people with different beliefs. It reminded everyone that deep down we are the people of this country and should be taken seriously - we have been suppressed and frightened by the Prime Minister and his police force for too long. It’s time to stop it. To feel the realism of emotions and bravery inside the young men and woman of this country who have been labelled as 'lost generation' and to realised their struggle against the tyranny of Recep Tayyip Erdogan. How people have united and helped each other in the middle of a crisis and the positive attitude of the protesters and how clever the’ve been. I do not think it will stop any time soon. People will defend their freedom. It is not just about a park anymore - it has got much bigger. People’s demands cannot be suppressed by the government and it will not stop until this changed.

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