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Byzantine folklore

The daring photography duo Synchrodogs' new book

Tania Shcheglova and Roman Noven (working together as Synchrodogs) have come a long way. Having worked together from 2012, they are now releasing their first book entitled Byzantine, giving us an exclusive first look. Embedded in the photographs are common themes of nudity, primitivism, eccentricity, human nature and self-excruciation used to make sociological statements. The duo are based Ukraine, a country where nudity is the equivalent to pornography, and as a result, this book is not meant to entertain, but to influence change on people's views of photography, and fight for the difference between the 'glorious' and 'vulgar'. Inspiration was taken from eccentricity, folklore and naive art, fused with Western and Ukrainian/Byzantine tradition.

Dazed Digital: What made you decide to make a book of your images?
Synchrodogs: An offer from the publisher. When you work hard one moment you understand you are running of harddrive free space, which may mean you have collected some work suitable for 116 page book.

DD: Do you think your book has changed the views on photography in the creative community in your country?
Synchrodogs: We can't say the books change anything in our country at all. Usually very little people have access to some contemporary books as there are only several shops in the whole country selling them and they can be truly marked as 'underground'. At the same time not many people can afford to buy books for 40-70 euro as the average ukrainian salary is 200 only. Thanks God we all have Internet connection so we dont feel dumb or deprived from anything.  

DD: In your interview with us last year you said you wanted to avoid the photo shoots in -5 degree weather. Have you managed to achieve this?
Synchrodogs: No, in fact we had one a week ago. Unfortunately it appeared that to make a great shot you have to love shooting more than yourself.  

DD: What other projects are you working on at the moment?
Synchrodogs: We are working on several solo exhibitions to be opened soon, will take part in this year's NordArt as we are among finalists of their competition, will also have exhibition in Monaco and Lille soon as we won another photo contest a week ago. 
DD: What can we expect to see from your photography in years to come?
Synchrodogs: Only fortuneteller can know this. We expect our minds to generate fresh ideas all the time, hope they will not reject collaborating with us in future.