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Alexandra Bondi de Antoni

Granny pics and intimate nights out dancing captured by the Vienna-born, Paris-based photographer

Alexandra Bondi de Antoni left Vienna for London a few years ago. Since discovering photography was kind of her thing, she’s been putting off finishing her BA to do other stuff, including being exhibited in the prestigious Amsterdam gallery FOAM’s ‘What’s Next?’ exhibition. Now based in Paris, her scrappy, free-spirited attitude comes through in her images and is instantly what makes them so appealing. Dazed Digital catch up with her to hear about her work, and find out who the mysterious lady in her photographs is.

Dazed Digital: What inspires your work?
Alexandra Bondi de Antoni: Conversations I have, cities that I travel to, magazines I read, websites I browse through, nights I just dance, the people I meet. Right now I’m also super hooked up on the fin de siècle - the end of the 19th century - in Vienna and the Italian Superstudio. In terms of photographers, I like the work of Saul Fletcher, Walter Pfeiffer and Viviane Sassen. 

DD: What's the role of intimacy in photography for you?
Alexandra Bondi de Antoni: My favourite subjects are the people that surround me. Whenever I like someone I want him or her to be close to me. That is quite difficult as a lot of my friends and family do not live in the same city as me. So when I finally get to meet them it’s usually not for long and my desire to get close to them is magnified. As it happens, my camera is always there too. 

DD: Tell us about the series Gerti, who is this?
Alexandra Bondi de Antoni: Gerti is my granny. The pictures are part of a series that I started almost a year ago. When I was a little girl I didn’t see her a lot, as she took care of my sick grandad until his death. We were not close at that time but now, by taking these pictures, I finally got to develop a good relationship with her. I really enjoyed the intimacy that the act of taking them created between us and I was really blessed by the trust she gave me stripping down right in front of me. Her body might have gotten old, but her face still tells a story filled with grace, beauty and life.