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Silva+Cemin mix it up

The Brazilian photography duo mix up the unlikely combinations of Catholic symbolism via Virgin Mary images with roaring tigers

Guilherme Silva and Rodolfo Cemin, the Brazilian duo Silva+Cemin, talk to Dazed about their weird and wonderful photographs. They initially began as a couple just creating a visual diary on Flickr, but they then realised their ideas and vision of art were very in tune and their portfolio grew from there. As you can see in the images, tigers and the Virgin Mary commune in armpits and mouths to form a merging of textures that is unavoidably Silva+Cemin. 

DazedDigital: How do you work together as a duo?
Silva+Cemin: The worth of a picture doesn’t just belong to the man who presses the button. Photography is not about credits, there’s a lot of feeling involved. We work together, we create the scene and then we both look into the camera before taking the photo, just to see how the scene looks on the screen, even if one of us is the model.

DD: You focus a lot on texture, why?
Silva+Cemin: First of all, we love texture because it gives us a lot of possibilities to do many things with only one piece of fabric, just like fashion. Beyond this, we use that texture to make the viewer think about what's under the fabric; if the model is just a person or something that is "acting" on the scene, like something supernatural. As you know, art can be made from everyday objects, like Duchamp did, influencing us to make a picture like the one with the racket and the Prada scarf.

DD: What’s your work all about?
Silva+Cemin: We always work around the "+" in our name, because what we've been doing is just the sum of our ideas and vision of art. For us, our pieces are a sum and multiplication between art and fashion, giving birth to a new perception of reality. And inside this perception, fashion is art. It's all about the plus.

DD: Upcoming plans and projects?
Silva+Cemin: We have a lot of new projects in mind and some of them are already in production. We also are really excited with our first campaign for a brazilian company, but we can’t tell you who just yet. Just for the record, these days we are in a really colourful mood!