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I Don't Warna Grow Up

Photographer Sean Vegezzi takes a good look at New York City

Photographer Sean Vegezzi's debut book, 'I Don't Warna Grow Up', is released this week by Fourteen-Nineteen. It documents Vegezzi's experiences of New York City. Following in the footsteps of many before him, it tracks his wanderings through the metropolis, but what differentiations Vegezzi from others in this storied discourse is the honesty of experience and adventure that he captures of boys searching for unknown, unguarded and disused spaces as they clambering through industrial environments or running over rooftops. "Vegezzi’s striking documentation of the empty spaces lying beneath the surface of Manhattan and atmospheric images of the individuals who inhabit them present a sympathetic, intimate look at a whole other world beneath our feet. However, within these spaces something entirely different is uncovered - a touching glimpse into the psyche of the teenage explorer, the escapist," says the book's publisher, Alex Webb.

Launch event Friday Septembebr 28, 2012, 7-9pm at The Hole Shop 312 Bowery, NYC