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Zine Watch: I Think We're Alone Now

We speak to duo Dimitri Karakostas and Sonia D’Argenzio behind the five volume project

Over a period of three months, Dimitri Karakostas and Sonia D’Argenzio travelled across 5 different countries to create the first of a five volume project, “Sometime I Think of You Everyday”. Accompanied with minimal gear (two cameras, one lens, a bag of film, no computer or phone to be exact) "I Think We're Alone Now" is focused on documenting the down time, showcasing a “document of documenting”. We asked the duo to share some of their travel experiences, and explain why zine makers are obsessed with analog.

Dazed Digital: How did you two meet?
Dimitri Karakostas & Sonia D'Agenzio:
We both worked at a really shitty fancy pizza store. We weren't really, for lack of a better word, friendly with each other when we first met...

I thought she was a 'cool girl' and she thought I was a 'cool boy,' which isn't really what either of us like, haha. Turns out we're both the same.

DD: Which countries did you visit?
Dimitri Karakostas & Sonia D'Agenzio:
 We went to... Iceland, UK, France, Spain, Morocco, Egypt, and Greece.

DD: Any memorable experiences from the trip?
Dimitri Karakostas & Sonia D'Agenzio: 
So many to name... almost not getting into the UK because the customs officer didn't understand why anybody would do an art show with xeroxes, getting the full swat-team treatment in the south of Spain for being obvious tourists, Morocco being a sucky place... almost everywhere we went, we had a pretty good time though.

DD: Why do you think so many zines insist on analog photography?
Dimitri Karakostas & Sonia D'Agenzio:
 I'm not sure about other people... for us, it's pretty simple- we want our photographs to last, so we just don't shoot digital. I mean, I've been shooting just film for 10 years or so. It was never really a question - the darkroom side of it is a lot of fun, and zines are an easy way to kind of show off experiments.