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Instagram Tales: Jason Nocito

The New York-based photographer shares his Top Ten Instagram snaps

New York-based Nocito has carved out a niche for himself shooting rock and pop stars in his own characteristic way. Recent Dazed jobs include Skrillex in the March 2012 issue. But Nocito's work also has another dimension to it. His personal portfolio shows his love of banal everyday events and gadgets, the ones we're surrounded by but rarely notice. That quality is very much visible in his Instagram Tales. The ten images Nocito sent us is a wonderful mix of humour, beautiful colours and interesting people. And for Nocito it's obvious what the biggest advantage with Instagram is compared to traditional photography: "The one thing I like is that once you post images you get awarded with LIKES. I enjoy people enjoying my photos!"

Find Jason Nocito's Instagram feed here @jasonnocito666