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Raphael Lugassy

The art graduate speaks to us about his photos of architecture and nature taken across France

Raphael Lugassy's interest in photography started when he stole his mother's camera and went wandering the streets in France, photographing random people and the cracks in the asphalt. See his photographs of architecture, bats and planes here alongside a few words from the man himself...

Dazed Digital: How has your background influenced your work?
Raphael Lugassy:
 I have a background of history of art, watched a lot of movies and read a lot of sciences magazines as well. So I guess it's a mix of all that.

DD: New projects, aims ambitions?
Raphael Lugassy:
 Right now i'm doing a new series of architecture photography based on organs. I want to do a typology of icebergs in Antarctic and going in to space. 

DD: Nature plays a big role in our work, however I would not say these are 'documentary' photographs, where do you think the line is drawn between documentary and fine art photography?
Raphael Lugassy: 
I'd say there's a big difference between the two- Fine Art photography has the desire to show the shape and structure in a way that makes you travel to another dimension (for example seeing stars as you are watching sand), in opposition to watching the current subject as a document.

DD: Why have you decided against colour in all your work?
Raphael Lugassy:
 I'm not against colour at all, but for now I did not find the right subject for that, I will one day. The uses of colour for now would have been superfluous in my opinion.

DD: Is there any symbolism or concept behind these images?
Raphael Lugassy: 
Not consciously at least. But I've heard people interpret them as religious, and sexual, which quite opposite, or are they not?

DD: How would you describe the tone and atmosphere of your photographs?
Raphael Lugassy:
 Suprisingly i would say they have sensuality, but are also rigorous.

DD: You create very austere artwork, what has influenced you to photograph in this way? Which artists inspire you the most?
Raphael Lugassy:
 I don't know i always liked minimalism, and getting rid of the superfluous. My favourite photographers are Alexander Rotchenko , Bernd and Hilla Becher, Daido Moriyama. But I also love to go to the Louvre, I am always struck by the perfection of Caravaggio,Ingres, Velasquez and Da Vinci. And of course Planet Earth.

DD: Your images are all very perfect, crisp and immaculate. What is your idea of perfection?
Raphael Lugassy:
 A rocket taking off in the middle of icebergs.

Text by Lily Bonesso