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Shaniqwa Jarvis: This Charming Guest

The tri-coastal fashion and portrait photographer unveils a new installation at The Standard in Hollywood

After shooting fashion campaigns for Supreme, Silas and Nike and the launch of her epic debut solo show in both London and Tokyo (an intimate collection of portraits entitled This Charming Man) the talented photographer Shaniqwa Jarvis is steadfast on hurtling through a tri-coastal lifestyle. The snap happy baroness of London, Los Angeles and New York, the inimitable Jarvis has also recently unveiled This Charming Guest at The Standard Hotel in Hollywood. Featuring portraits of a wide range of artists and designers including Amanda Blank, Aska Matsumiya and Pete Arbelaez from the Craft boutique, you can also check out Jarvis’s installation of personal artifacts and making of film by Raj Debah in the hotel’s lobby.

Dazed Digital: How do you survive those long haul plane trips?
Shaniqwa Jarvis: I usually nerd out and watch movies and work on pitches while trying to stay super hydrated. I have a small cosmetic bag filled with vitamins, lotions, face hydrating spray. Homemade snacks are essential.

DD: And how about your tri-coastal living?
Shaniqwa Jarvis: I've always envisioned myself living between these vibrant cities. I am now a total believer of the phrase, be careful of what you wish for... I absolutely love London, Los Angeles and New York. With amazing friends and family in each, it makes it hard to choose. I know I will eventually have to choose one place, but for now I enjoy the time I am able to spend in each city.

DD: What’s the concept of the new show at The Standard?
Shaniqwa Jarvis:
I was approached for the artist series at The Standard and instead of hanging existing work, I thought it would be more dynamic to do something site specific. I believe the concept came from my recent travels and being confined to spaces which weren't my own. Having to always feel at home in these temporary dwellings while living out of a suitcase is quite difficult and at times soul destroying. I wanted to work on something that would help me explore more about personal space and what the things you hold dear say about you. My work is usually intimate in nature and I wanted to invite subjects who weren't afraid to share in that experience.

DD: Can you introduce the guests?
Shaniqwa Jarvis: All of my subjects have something special. Amanda Mallory aka Amanda Blank is a musician from Philly now living in Los Angeles. I've seen her perform and she has this energy and style which is much like a speed racer with a large heart. Elizabeth Birkett Gibbs is a stylist, director, retailer and a mom. I find her inspiring as she does all of those things with crazy passion. Damaris Dragonas is a highly skilled art director for moving images. Peter Klein is a Philadelphia native who I met while in college, his brain is magnificent and holds most rap lyrics movie quotes. JMV is a creator of magical things. He works for Surface To Air whilst working for his collective, Le Branche. Pete Arbelaez opened Craft. The shop encompasses Pete's taste in menswear, accessories and random items. Aska Matsumiya is a artist who follows her heart and works mostly in music, both as a solo artist and with new band, ESP. DD: What’s in the box? Shaniqwa Jarvis: I placed some very personal things in there, alongside a collage of photographs. There’s my junior high school autograph book, art books, Polaroids, DVDs, letters and postcards from friends, cameras and my first prescription glasses.

DD: I hear about a new NYC group photography show - can you tell us more?
Shaniqwa Jarvis: I came up with a concept for a group photography exhibition including three of my best friends; Todd Jordan, Raphael Rios, and Frances Tulk Hart. We are in the early stages, but will present something early next year.