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Mark Borthwick is Not in Fashion

The photographer takes us on a bewildering lyrical journey in this interview about the changes in his work and what he's inspired by

We first met photographer Mark Borthwick in a bookshop in Brooklyn that he had transformed into a candle-lit enclave and filled with tambourines, guitars and drums - all for the purpose of tingling our ears with his music. By the end of the night (and a substantial amount of his home made green tea chocolate) many of us were ready to disband New York, jump in his magical mystery bus and head to the sun drenched hills. ‘Not in Fashion’ - his monograph published by Rizzoli in 2009 - cemented his place as a fine art photographer and allowed his music and other artistic pursuits to flourish.

With a nod to the fashion world, the book also wove in his tenderly crafted personal work. Images of his daughter rolling in the grass sit alongside shoots for Martin Margiela and Hussein Chalayan. To define Borthwick by his photography however, would be to deny the essence of his energetic, colourful character to which there seems to be no limit of artistic expression. Music, film and print are just the beginning.

Dazed Digital: ‘Not In Fashion’ was notable not just for the photography but for encompassing your collages and prose. Have you continued this diverse proliferation?
Mark Borthwick:
Yip, among the glory's of one's song there are we are simply a projection / reflection of all we are there 'for eye lay among this dyptique'ical para dox who's joy full life excel's so to metaphor all we came here for, "yes among one's morning bell's expelling sunshine yelling"

DD: Your focus seems to have concentrated itself towards personal work. Was it a conscious decision to edge away from the fashion world?
Mark Borthwick:
Toward's the edge eye feel to fell among all that dip's with'in ones finest well, so to cheering these in'dearing years to skip'in "on in an out" yes ey'e toke time out as eye toke time by the hand so to spread one's joy's of her land whom escapes to rape me among path's there to lead you else where it's the kid's it's there time ....

DD: You have a distinct style of photography which has been highly influential. Are you inspired by contemporary photographers?
Mark Borthwick:
Ey'm inspired by the purity of light that some how with'out the need to question reflects all you are as is to say all cum`s from you an all you do reflect's your reflection to light'up all you feel there'fore as ay vibration were abel to feel all we love which translate`s ay sense of beauty to be found among all that reflect's whom we are there'fore ey'd say along the way there are many's an identity that have blast me to celebrate there joy'full projection's an yet to be so true' my inspirations cum as a celebration of all eye love to see there'for to feel of which eye find among maria bibi an joey "everyday" an all my friend's an there song's an there love of all we love, so to the fruit's who's wonderiou's labour of love reflect's there bliss'full filling colour's to full'fill you with'in you.

DD: You have some new offerings coming this Fall. What can we expect?
Mark Borthwick:
Yes a small film entitled 'Poet Tree' will accompany a book an DVD... two little o'l book's published by the finest, hand made in london, that be jane's an jeremy's entitled "bid's set sun's" / an... stone'd... also in celebration of a fine new project call'd the play button, a small pin containing an album worth of new song's to spring... these song's will cum with a series of shot films to accompany there light's of which eye believe will be accessible through one's computer's that said been eye not to know how, new ground's vibrate to share new song's an holler one along towards a territory that's eva so reedy to bleed an seed these nurturing love song's...