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Girls in central california

Sandy Kim x Girls

Dazed presents the American photographer's exclusive shots of her time following the band

California-born, New York-based photographer (as recommended by Ryan McGinley on Dazed back last year), Sandy Kim, took inspiration from travelling across different states throughout the West Coast including Oregon and Washington. Since moving to San Francisco, she involved in the music scene to take pictures of all the interesting people she'd met, including Girls. Dazed presents a new set of photographs from her with the band before the launch of their album ‘Father, Son, Holy Ghost’ and single ‘Honey Bunny’ out 10th October.

1. Girls in central California
Christopher at a church in Barcelona
JR throwing Tramadol in the air
Christopher being a badass
5. Christopher takes some time off to think about life in a hotel room in Europe
6. On the road, sleeping in the tour van
7. Breakfast time at Denny's somewhere deep in the Midwest
8. JR at SXSW, looking quite dapper
9. Aftershow dinner in Switzerland
10. Christopher and Ryan backstage
11. In a taxi cab leaving BBC Studios, on the way to NMS shoot