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Logan White

The US-based photographer presents a selection of beautifully atmospheric and feminine images before she embarks on a collaborative video project

Graduating from the Rhode Island School of Design, US-based photographer Logan White has since shot for the likes of Interview Online, Urban Outfitters, Vice, and NYLON. Inspired by the likes of Araki, her photography often depicts mysterious imagery, but with perhaps a romantic or feminine edge, which was played upon in her recent involvement with the all-girl zine/photo project teenVAG. Besides having exhibited in Brooklyn, the Milk Gallery in New York, Los Angeles, to New Jersey, Philadelphia and her hometown Macon Georgia, as well as London, Dublin, Rome, and Australia - White is also currently working with artist Alexandra Gorczynski on an upcoming video project.

Dazed Digital: How did you first get into photography?
Logan White:
I would shoot disposables around my house in Macon, Georgia and growing up at Camp Glen Arden in Tuxedo, NC. When I was 13 I got a Canon SLR and started using the darkroom and developing my own film. My teacher from camp, who is still a mentor to me, came to Macon and helped me set up my own darkroom when I was 15.

DD: Which photographers do you admire and why?
Logan White:
I admire photographers who find a harmonious balance between pre-visualization and the decisive moment... Clarence John Laughlin was the first photographer I admired - I saw his book 'Ghosts Along the Mississippi' at my grandma's house when I was four or five years old and was mesmerised by his multiple exposures and depictions of the romance and spirit of the south. Francesca Woodman's self portraits were a big influence on me in high school and Nobuyoshi Araki is a current favourite for his range and complicated portrayal of the liberated and bound woman - his ability to make even the most simple subjects be about sex or death is astounding.

DD: What camera do you use to shoot?
Logan White:
I use a Canon SLR, a Hasselblad, and a Yashica Twin Lens Reflex... and I still shoot disposies often and rotate between Leica, Yashica, and Contax point and shoots depending on what I can afford/doesn't get lost/broken/stolen.

DD: What up and coming projects are you working on?
Logan White:
I'll be collaborating on a video with the artist Alexandra Gorczynski for Test Magazine, a magazine founded by the art director of British Vogue, Jaime Perlman.

DD: How do you adapt your style when doing commercial projects and when you are doing your own thing?
Logan White:
One thing I've learned is to not give the client an image you don't want to single-handedly represent your work, because that's the image they'll end up picking.